Melodic interval performance

Appendix III

Edition of Figure 10apx
presenting deviations from means of the PBa sixths
illustrated in Figure 10

  Figure 10. Descending sixths of subject PBa from 11 positions ranging from 169.6 to 959.6 Hz by 300 cents steps (respective frequencies: 169.6, 201.7, 239.9, 285.3, 320.2, 339.3, 359.5, 403.5, 452.9, 479.8, 508.4, 570.6, 678.6, 807.0, 959.6 Hz).
Symbols : Octave Choir, filled diamonds and solid line. Sesquialtera, unfilled triangles and dashed line. The red horizontal line marks the 884 cents theoretical sixth value (frequency ratio 5/3). Slight aside shifts for more legibility.

  Figure 10apx. Deviations from means of the sixths by subject PBa, given in Figure 10 recalled above, presented in increasing deviation order. 66 points per timbre.
Symbols: Thick line for timbre Choir of Octaves.Triangles and dashed line for Sesquialtera.
The curves merge practically in the central 80%, indicating similar matching ways, and probable absence of direct harmonic cues in the auditory images that melodic adjustments involve. The ends of curves show the slight inferiority of Octave Choir, in accordance with the overall specific spreads: 25 cents for C.O., versus 22 cents for Sesquialtera.