Le Mélodial

Figure 1


A :
Displays. A1 : divider number d in octal system (the 3 middle points refer to the first digit of d limited to 0-3). A2 : RND decimal number (0-63). A3 : MK decimal number (0-31).
B :
Leads for grounding operator and external measurements (fundamental frequency).
C :
Control keys (CRWT). C1 : For right palm, captures divider. C2 : For index, inverts counting direction. C3 : For middle finger, increases pitch (if C2 free), or decreases (if C2 active). At key bottom, a low sensitive zone for small variations and writing without pitch variation. C4 : For ring finger, accelerates variation, necessary in low and very low frequency ranges.
MK :
Melodic keyboard (16 keys, doubled to 32 with MB active).
MB :
doubling bar.
Round choice among 64. Three buttons from Left to Right : advance jumps of 8 units, invert counting, advance by unit.
S1,S2 :
preamplifiers outputs.
TC :
Tone choice (cumulative).
V :
Power (5 volts).